Terms and Conditions

This Agreement constitutes a legally binding agreement between you (the “User” or “you”) and TYLER FROST HOLDINGS LTD. (referred to herein as “frosty012mods.com,” “us” or “we”).

1. User Obligations

1.1 The User must not distribute anything we’ve made. By “distribute anything we’ve made,” that includes but is not limited to “giving copies of the product away, making commercial use of, trying to make money from, or letting other people access our products.”

Upon successful payment, The User is granted a non-exclusive, personal, non-transferable right to install the product on their PC in order to apply the frosty012mods.com modifications to the third party (PokerStars) application.

The distribution of any products may result in the loss of purchases and potentially legal action.

2. Other Conditions

2.1. Despite our efforts to provide you with functioning, up to date products, frosty012mods.com makes no guarantee of mod updates and operable products on third party applications (due to poker clients updating, for example).

2.2. Numerous programming edits went into the creation of the products and although there has been extensive testing, frosty012mods.com does not guarantee that the product will be completely bug free. If you notice that something is wrong or not working, please contact us and we will try to fix it for you as soon as possible.

2.3. Although plenty of images and video clips are provided, frosty012mods.com is not responsible for any discrepancy between user expectations and actual products received.

3. Time and Conditions of the Agreement

3.1. This Agreement will come into force from the moment that the User registers an account on frosty012mods.com and extends for an indefinite term.

3.2. frosty012mods.com has the right to change the Agreement at any time without notice and therefore it is encouraged to visit the site regularly and read over the terms and conditions prior to each purchase.