Easy Deck

Easy Deck


Optimize multi-tabling with the simplistic and easy to read features of the Easy Deck.


Product Description

Easy Deck

The “Easy” deck is designed to make grinding just that-easy. The relatively large font that’s used for the letters and numbers on the cards was designed to make it easier to see what matters the most across all table dimensions (the card values!). The 4-coloured card backs are meant to stand out in a way that makes interpreting the different suits fast at a glance, without being too overwhelming in brightness. The suit images below the card values are meant to be subtle and serve as a quick reminder as to what the colours on the card backs actually represent. The whole decks comes together in a simplistic way that is appealing to the eye but most importantly, ultra functional for online grinding at PokerStars.

See how the Easy Deck compares to 3 of the default decks across equally sized, tiled tables:



The Easy deck has also been formatted at all 7 different table dimensions, ensuring high quality even at the smallest tables:

flat deckx6

The card backs of the Easy deck are meant to mirror the minimalistic features of the fronts and are available in 6 different colours:


You have the option of playing with grey or yellow spades and additionally the option to play with the “ten” as a “T” or a “10.”

Yellow or Grey Spades:


Optional “T” or “10” for ten:


***Download and Installation Instructions (Click)***

*I would recommend using the Easy Deck on a dark felt colour, otherwise the contrast won’t be as good with the card outlines (especially the green cards). The darker green felt colours look pretty great but if you’re all about the lighter green with the Classic or the Black theme, for example, you may find that the green cards get a bit lost in the felt.*

**You WILL have the option of installing the custom Easy Theme cardback spacing for the Nova theme, as pictured in photo 1 of the gallery .**

***If you are planning on using the Easy Deck on a custom theme (not provided by frosty012mods.com), just contact me first and I’ll try and make it compatible. I’m confident that it would be very quick and easy to make any table theme compatible with the Easy Deck.***

***Check out the Easy Theme gallery for more screen shots, including some pictures of the different cardbacks in action***


Enjoy the deck!


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