Download and Installation-Easy Theme and Deck Package

1. Download the Easy Theme and Deck Package file, which will be accessible from your “My Account” page.


2. Unzip and extract the Easy Deck folder from the file (it doesn’t matter where you extract the file to, just remember where you put it…I recommend the desktop) with any unzipping program (Winzip or I use 7-Zip, which can be downloaded for free here.) I use the .msi version of 7-Zip but I don’t think that it matters.


Easy Theme

3. Locate your “PokerStars” folder (default is usually C drive-> Program Files) and open it up. Locate the “Gx” folder and delete it.


4. Open the Easy Theme and Deck Package folder, click on “Easy Theme Mod of Gx” and then copy the “Gx” folder that’s inside. Paste this folder in your PokerStars folder and this will replace the “Gx” file that we just deleted.


5. Next, In the PokerStars folder, click on the “Themes” folder and delete the “nova” folder that’s inside. Now, go back to the Easy Theme and Deck Package folder and open up the “Easy Theme Mod of Nova” folder, copy the “nova” folder that’s inside that and paste this folder in your PokerStars->Themes folder. We have just replaced the default Gx and Nova folders with our own custom ones and the theme is now functional (read step 6 before opening PokerStars)!


6. This is very important: You must open PokerStars through the PokerStars.exe file (located in the PokerStars folder-unhide file extensions to see it, although it may be the only application labelled “PokerStars” there anyways), otherwise the changes that we just made will be overwritten. I’d recommend making the PokerStars.exe file a shortcut on your desktop to save time opening the client from now on.

On the other hand, if you’d like to restore the default decks and themes, simply open the “PokerStarsUpdate.exe” and  accept the update and that should do the trick! If you’d like to update your client, go ahead and do it and just repeat the Easy Theme installation steps to get it back afterwards (Barring that the new updates didn’t make something incompatible with the theme).


7. Under Table Themes, Make sure “Nova” is selected, as this is the theme that the Easy Theme modifies.


8. Notes about the “Table Display Options” and “Preferred Seat” and a picture of what mine look like:


Cardback Settings: Having “Show Large Opponent Cards” selected will display larger, side-by-side card backs similar to the classic Nova style. Having the option unselected will display the smaller card backs with my custom spacing.

Preferred Seat: In Options->Preferred Seat, I have seat 5 selected for 9-handed tables and seat 3 selected at 6-handed tables. This will center the hero on both formats.

Background flashing on Active Seat: To prevent the background colour from flashing, select “Highlight Active Player.”

Easy Deck

By default, the package will come with the Easy Deck installed with version “Grey-T,” meaning the spades will be grey and the letter “T” will be used for ten. To change the version of the deck, it’s just a matter of navigating to PokerStars->Gx->chips&deck->deck and deleting the “simple” folder there and then copying/pasting the simple folder of the version that you want (from the Easy Theme and Deck Package->Easy Deck->Grey/Yellow Spades->T/10 folder) back into the PokerStars->deck folder. You will also want to copy/paste the new preview files from the Easy Theme and Deck Package->Easy Deck->Grey/Yellow Spades folder to the PokerStars->deck->preview folder.

If that description isn’t the easiest to follow, I’d recommend watching the installation video of the package or the deck or check out the written description of installing the Easy Deck because it really is a simple process!

Alright, feel free to contact me about any problems that you may have but otherwise enjoy the theme!