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Easy Theme


The essence of the Easy Theme is the simplistic and functional layout design, tailored for the avid multi-tabler. With minimal clutter, text and distractions I designed the Easy Theme to allow for maximum HUD space and intuitive seating in order to optimize grinding.


Product Description


Features and The Finer Details

  • Clean layout design for efficient multi-tabling
  • Optimal seating arrangement for maximum HUD spade
  • Dull background contrasted by brighter colours for important components (ex. stack sizes)
  • Thick, full-border colour notes
  • No text on empty seats to avoid clutter
  • Bigger font for stack sizes on all tables smaller than default sized tables
  • Bigger font for bet amounts on all tables smaller than default sized tables
  •  Reduced, detachable chat box with text-free tabs
  • Localized table icons below chat box for efficient usage and free table space
  • Action buttons optimized for minimal mouse movement and faster action
  • Simplified VIP status images and flat design device and note icons
  • High visibility “action-required” background on active seat pod with optional no-flashing
  • Removed tourney messages from upper-left corner on table
  • Removed challenges icon
  • Removed table rake icon

*HUD that is shown in screen shots and images is not included and was made in Hold’em Manager 2*

**The Easy Deck, which is shown in screen shots and images is also not included and is sold separately or as a package with the Easy Theme**

***Currently, the Easy Theme is only compatible with No Limit Hold’em games***

Chat Box


The chat box has been reduced in size to free up extra space for the rest of the table. Every table icon has been localized right below the chat box in an effort to reduce excessive mouse movement and to make it easier to locate whatever icon that you may be searching for. There was actually some thought put into the icon order as well…I wanted the two icons that I find myself using the most while playing (the replay button and session button) to be the furthest on the right so that they’re closest to the action buttons and ultimately, my mouse cursor. Moving left, the next two icons are also buttons that potentially require frequent useage-the view options and hotkey buttons. I removed the text from the tabs because I found it unnecessary and distracting. Also, the blank tabs make for a better backdrop for any big HUD that may need some additional space. The order of the tabs, however, remains unchanged (Chat, Notes, Stats, Info).

 Chat Box Key


Action Buttons


The action buttons have been configured in a way that is meant to feature the “bet” button. I wanted the “Bet/Raise” button to stand out and be isolated from the other buttons because I find that when I’m playing, the only manual adjustments that I need to make are with regards to bet sizing-the singular actions of checking and folding can be handled by hotkeys and don’t necessarily require manual clicking. Of course betting can also be accomplished with the help of hotkeys as well but often you’ll be tweaking your bet sizes with the slider so I wanted the distance between the slider and “Bet” button to be very minimal to save time/mouse movement. Along the same lines, you’ll see that the slider shortcuts are placed right around the “Bet” button for the same reasons-to save time and effort when placing a bet or raise.

Colour Scheme

The colour scheme that I chose for the theme is meant to highlight the items that I feel need to stand out, while dulling away those that don’t. Most notably, you’ll notice that the card backs and stack sizes are both bright colours that contrast with the grey background in order to easily identify the players that are still in the hand and how many chips that they have. There’s also a distinct red background within the seat pod that requires action, making it easy to decipher who’s turn it is to act. The empty seats are text-less and a bold turquoise colour to make identifying and taking an open seat a quick and efficient process.


The seating is designed to center and isolate the “hero” from the opponents in order to make it easy to follow the action and focus on the opposition. The seat pods are moved in from the edges of the table to free up HUD space in a clean and organized.

Icons Changed

VIP Status (Set to Standard):


Devices and Notes


Third Party Compatibility

HEM 2/PT4: Fully Compatible.

Table Ninja: Partial. I have been using Table Ninja for a long time and I tried not to lose any functionality of the program when designing the Easy Theme. I haven’t done extensive testing of every Table Ninja feature but I know the following will NOT work:

-“Basic Hotkeys” and “Advance Action Hotkeys” on the “Action Hotkeys” tab

There may be more things that don’t work for different games and formats that I haven’t tested so please, test for yourself on play money tables before diving into real money games and also let me know of anything that you find.

Fortunately, PokerStars now has hotkeys built right into the client so you don’t even really need Table Ninja for that (I don’t think the client can replace advance actions though). I just program my action hotkeys right in PokerStars and then use the unique, helpful features that Table Ninja has (such as moving tables aside and automatically entering the bet amount in the bet box for me) while playing.

Stars Helper: Compatible. As per the claim on the Stars Helper website, “Compatible with any standard themes poker tables, as well as with any other by custom themes that do not completely remove Dealer Chat.”

Also, through my own testing everything does indeed appear to work (although I haven’t extensively tested every feature). You will need to set the theme to “Nova” and change the coordinates of the “Time Bank,” “I’m Back” button, “Sit Out Next Hand” and “Sit Out Next BB” on the “Main” tab of Stars Helper for those boxes to work. Just change the coordinates to the following:

Time Bank: X= 278 Y= 518

I’m Back: X= 358 Y= 406

Sit Out Next Hand: X= 358 Y= 26

Sit Out Next BB: X= 358 Y= 42

*To find the coordinate of different things, just set a hotkey to “left click on selected point” and right click on the table and Stars Helper will give you the X and Y coordinates.*

Table Optimizer: Compatible. Similar to Stars Helper, everything seems to be compatible and work fine but you’ll just need to move specific items around via the “Theme options” button, located in the General tab of Table Optimizer. Set the theme to “Nova” and adjust the items accordingly.

Thanks a lot for your interest in the theme! Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or suggestions that you may have. Despite extensive testing, please bear in mind that numerous programming and imaging edits had to be made to make this theme functional so if something isn’t quite right or if you run into any problems, please just let me know and I’ll make it a priority to fix the theme for everyone. Enjoy the theme!

***Download and Installation Instructions (Click)***

 Gallery (Note: Cards and Cardbacks from the Easy Deck are NOT included and are sold separately)


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